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The WildWood mission: To create wines that are exceptional and provide economically sustainable support to deserving organizations.

Featured Partner: Ceres Community Project

We're proud to support Ceres Community Project with this site.  For every bottle we sell on this site, we donate 25% of the purchase price to Ceres Community Project.  Ceres Community Project, which is a youth-development organization based in Sonoma County, in which youth grow and cook nutrient-rich, organic food and deliver it to individuals with serious illness. 

Our Wines

Making great wine is our first priority; and every great wine comes from excellent fruit.  So it begins with the terroir.  Northern California is truly exceptional in that regard, as it includes some of the world’s finest wine making regions.  From the world-famous Napa and Sonoma Counties to the less-renowned regions in the North Coast, Sierra Foothills, Central Valley, Central Coast, and San Francisco Bay, it is a Winemaker’s dream.  Each region, and indeed each vineyard, has its own unique attributes of climate, soil, and topography.  A great winemaker uses these tools to achieve a vision of a truly great wine.  

Our Winemaker, Anthony Austin, will put those tools to use, along with his remarkable skills and decades of experience, to create unforgettable wines. Anthony defines a great wine as one that has nuance and complexity.  And the reason is simple: it’s more rewarding to drink such a wine, because it can give you something different with each sip. Enjoying a really good glass of wine is like a small voyage of discovery with delightful surprises at every turn.  Anthony is often heard to compare a good wine to a great tune performed on a piano.  “It’s not the note you care about”, says Austin.  “It’s how the notes are interacting.  It’s the wine that has a thousand components, rather than one loud voice, that’s going to be the wine you’d want to have on a desert island, because it is so much more rewarding.”

About our Partner: Ceres Community Project

Ceres Community Project provides beautiful, delicious and medically tailored meals made with love for those facing a serious illness like cancer, diabetes or congestive heart failure.

Wines You Can Buy to Support Ceres Community Project

25% of the purchase price for of each of the above wines will be donated to support Ceres Community Project

Join Us!

Sonoma County is made up of very generous people, like you. We are grateful for opportunities we have been given to work with the many non-profit organizations that work tirelessly and with compassion to make sure that everyone is taken care of. WildWood Wine's goal is to be a vital part of this caring community through this new model of community giving. So join us. You will enjoy a great glass of wine and you will help those among us that need it the most.